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Make a ​commitment to ​grow daily

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” - John C. Maxwell

Legacy Leadership Consulting

Committed to your ​personal and ​professional ​growth.

Whether you aspire to enhance your career, cultivate ​healthier relationships, boost your confidence, or find ​greater fulfillment, I am dedicated to helping you ​realize your aspirations and live your best life.

Through our partnership, you will gain clarity, ​resilience, and the skills necessary to overcome ​challenges and thrive in all areas of your life. Together, ​we will uncover your unique strengths, clarify your ​values, and design a personalized roadmap for ​success.

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Who am I?

As a Human Resources Consultant and a Maxwell Leadership ​Certified Trainer, Coach, and Speaker, I provide leadership, ​communication, and personal and professional development ​training, coaching, and consulting services to both organizations ​and individuals.

I served as the Director of Human Resources at Tulsa-local ​nonprofit organization, leading a team and advising on HR ​matters.

While in the US Air Force and Air Force Reserve I designed and ​implemented a leadership development program for junior- and ​mid-level enlisted members to hone their leadership skills.

I hold an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington and a BBA ​in Human Resources Management from Texas Woman’s University ​and am currently working on obtaining my PhD in organizational ​and community leadership at University of Oklahoma.

Josh Talbert, MBA

Maxwell Certified

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How can I add ​value to you?

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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

A voice in our ​community

Community fosters a sense of belonging, ​provides support during challenging ​times, and creates a network of shared ​resources and knowledge that enriches ​the lives of its members and ensures the ​well-being and development of the ​community for future generations.

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Upcoming Events

Join in person for lunch ​and networking, or ​attend virtually!

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Tickets $25-$45

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The Most Important ​Skill You’ll Ever ​Learn... Or Teach!

Join Josh Talbert, MBA and embark on a ​journey of continuous development, ​where every lesson learned becomes a ​stepping stone toward personal growth ​and professional mastery.

Crafted from Dr. John C. Maxwell’s ​acclaimed work, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws ​of Leadership,” this session delves into ​indispensable principles for personal and ​organizational advancement. Explore ​pivotal concepts such as maximizing ​potential, wielding influence, and ​navigating the path to enduring success.

Friday, July 19th

11:30am - 1:00PM

Tulsa Tech - Lemly Memorial Campus

Register to attend in-person or virtually!

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Members of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team (MLCT) embody the ​principles and teachings of John C. Maxwell, a renowned expert in ​leadership development. Born on February 20, 1947, in Garden City, Michigan, ​Maxwell has spent his career inspiring individuals to unlock their full ​leadership potential.

MLCT members leverage Maxwell's extensive body of work, which includes ​over 80 books, seminars, workshops, and coaching programs. Maxwell's ​books have sold over 19 million copies worldwide, including three that have ​each sold more than one million copies: "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of ​Leadership," "Developing the Leader Within You," and "The 21 Indispensable ​Qualities of a Leader." These resources have positively influenced millions ​globally, from business leaders and entrepreneurs to educators and ​individuals focused on personal growth. The

Maxwell philosophy emphasizes character, integrity, influence, and continual ​growth as cornerstones of effective leadership. MLCT members are well-​equipped to bring these values into various organizations, including ​companies, nonprofits, and government entities, fostering leadership ​development and driving positive change.

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"Discover more about me in this ​exclusive podcast interview ​on CashFlows!"

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Paper Edges

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great ​achievements gained slowly over time.”

- John C. Maxwell, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

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Josh Talbert

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